Welcome to my WACHandler webpage !

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The WACHandler is an application written in Borland C++ by me, Mathias Thorell.

This application allows several ways of uploading and download music tracks to/from a Philips WAC Wireless Music Center.
It also supports PlayLists, configuring the Center, editing track (tag) information, exporting track list files etc, etc.

The WACHandler replaces the DMM and Setup application for WACS700 and WACS5 systems, as well as the WADM application (although WACHandler doesn't support the WADM-specific fileformat used for backing up a WAC unit using the WADM app) for the newer WACS systems (such as the WACS7000, WAC3500D, WACS7500 and the MCi500H).

Important note regarding the WACS7500 and MCi500H :
WACHandler does not support Album Art for these Centers !
To upload a track that contains Album Art, please use the original WADM application from Philips !

Here you will find the WACHandler application itself, and also the Revision history and a small FAQ and some other stuff.

I hope you will enjoy it !



Please consider donating if you think that WACHandler is improving your WACS experience.
It will help me motivate all the time I spend on correcting bugs and implementing improvements in WAChandler during my spare time.

Try to keep donations above 5 US$ since PayPal takes almost 3 US$ per transaction.

Note that by donating to me, there won't be any special, personal "extra" support or anything like that, I am anyway using most of my spare time to develop, improve and debug my WACHandler, plus answering as many questions as possible in the Streamium Café ;)

You don't need a PayPal account, they can process payments made via all the major credit cards.


The author of WACHandler does not take any responsabilities of damages of any kind whatsoever caused by this application.
The WACHandler is freeware, i.e. free to use by anyone who needs it. (Re)selling it is however prohibited without prior agreement with the author.




Download WACHandler v2.2.52.186 (zipped archive)


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