Other Operating Systems

WACHandler is a native Windows 32-bit application, however, thanks to third-party Windows environment emulators, WACHandler can also be used on machines using Linux or Mac OS X as operating systems.

Using WACHandler on Linux

Running on Linux using Wine
WACHandler has been tested with Ubuntu version 8.10 using Wine version 1.1.17

Set up
  1. Download and install Wine from the Wine webpage which also contains detailed instructions on how to install Wine in different Linux distros.
  2. Download and install WineTricks from here. The webpage contains installation information.
  3. Start WineTricks and activate the following "tricks" (Windows components) :


Just double-click the WACHandler.exe file and Wine will launch it automatically.


Using WACHandler on Mac OS X

Running on Mac OS X using CrossOver

WACHandler has been tested with Mac OS X version 10.5.6 using CrossOver Pro version 7.1.
Many thanks to Gertie for testing all this and sending the screenshot for me.

Set up
Download and install Crossover from their webpage. Please note that this is a commercial software.

Double-click the WACHandler.exe icon and it will be lauched automatically.