WACHandler Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to install WACHandler ?
A: Unpack all files found in the WACHandler.zip archive to the same destination folder. This destination folder can be wherever you want it, as long as you have write access to it. Then just start the WACHandler.exe file. If you previously used my WAC700Downloader application, WACHandler will ask if you would like to copy the saved settings from the WAC700Dowloader.

Q: WACHandler doesn't find my WAC
A: Start the WADM or DMM application and make sure it is able to find your WAC. If WADM/DMM is ok, try to restart the WACHandler applcation.

Q: How do I make WACHandler save log files ?
A: The simpelst way (from version is to press and hold down the Left Shift and Left Control keys on the keyboard when double-clicking the WACHandler.exe icon. Keep the two keys pressed until the main window becomes visible !

Or, start WAChandler with the "-log" command line argument (without the quotes). There are two ways to do this :
a: From a Command Prompt Window :
-log in Command Prompt Window

b: Modify a Windows shortcut to WACHandler :
-log using a Shourt Cut to WACHandler.exe

Q: Is WACHandler safe to use, i.e. can in under any circumstances destroy track data in my WAC ?
A: Yes, it is safe to use. In worst case, a track upload or track information edit may fail due to a lost connection, but it will never destroy already existing data in the WAC.
The PC-Link protocol (Philips' PC-to-WAC protocol) protects from virtaully any case of unexpected communixation losses/glitches.

Q: Why is some text (Track Titles, Artist/Album names etc) displayed with red text sometimes ?
A: Text strings that will be truncated (and suffixed with "...") since they are longer than the WAC can handle in it's LCD display are displayed in red in WACHandler, just as a reminder that if possible, you should/may try to shorten it so the complete text portion will be visible on the WAC.

Q: How do I know which version of WACHandler I am using ?
A:Select About in the Help menu, or press the F1 key.

Q: How do I install a new version of WACHandler ?
A:Unless otherwise specified, just download and unpack the WACHandler.zip file and overwrite your old WACHandler.exe file with the new one.
If you delete your WACHandler.mdb file, you will loose any manually identification changes (Title, Artist, Year, etc) of your Audio CD 's. So don't delete this one !

Q: How do I edit track information (title, artist, genre, year, etc...) ?
A: There are several ways to do this;

Q: What is the WACHandler.mdb file used for and is it really neccessary ?
A: This is a simple MS Access database file that contains cached CD Database information. It is also storing the edited CD track data. This file may be deleted, but CD track data will not be cached, nor will it be possible to manually edit CD track data if this file is missing.

Q: Ok, I understand what the WACHandler.mdb is for, but I really don't want it to be in the same folder as the WACHandler.exe application file. Is there any way I can move it to another disk and/or folder ?
A: Of course. But don't try this if you are not familiar with the Windows RegEdit application !
  1. Make sure WACHandler is not running.
  2. Move the WACHandler.mdb file to the destination where you want it.
  3. Open RegEdit and browse to the My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WACHandler key.
  4. Double-click on the DatabaseName value.
  5. Enter the full path, including the filename of the WACHandler.mdb and click Ok.
  6. Close RegEdit.

Q: Do I have to download and install Lame_enc.dll before using WACHandler ?
A: No. If WACHandler can't find Lame_enc.dll when it is needed (when ripping CD tracks), it will create it automatically in the same folder as WACHandler.exe.
The version included with WACHandler is v3.96.
If, for some reason, you want to use another version, delete the one created by WACHandler, then download the version you want from The Lame Project and save it anywhere in the Windows System Path, or in the same folder as WACHandler.exe.

Q: How are my CD disks identified ?
A: When an Audio CD is inserted into the PC, WACHandler first looks in the WACHandler.mdb file for CD track data. If not found there, it will ask Microsofts' CDDB (same database that is used by ths Windows Media Player). If the CD still isn't identified, WACHandler will ask FreeDB.org for CD information.

Q: What does "ripping" mean ?
A: "Ripping" refers to the process performed when copying music from an Audio CD disk to a PC. In the case of WACHandler, CD-"Ripping" is done by copying the complete track into RAM (PCM format), then the music is converted to MP3 format.

Q: Why do I see other devices than my WAC(s) ?
A: WACHandler broadcasts both standard UPnP search and Philips' own PC-Link lookup commands.
All devices that comply to either (or both) of these standards will be shown in the upper Tree.
In a future relase, WACHandler is going to be able to remote control the Statiosn, but other "Non-WACS" devices are only shown for informational purposes.

Q: What is the difference between Normalize in Track and Album Mode ?
A: Normalizing in Track mode menas that all selected tracks will be normalized to their individual maximum volume.
Normalizing in Album Mode will analyze all selected tracks and normalize them so they keep their individual volume difference. Normalizing in Album Mode will be disabled if only one track is selected.

Q: Why are the Track Numbers different for a track viewed in "All Tracks" compared when seeing the same track in a PlayList ?
A: The Track Number shown for tracks under a PlayList Tree Node indicates the order of the track within that PlayList. This is not the same as the Track Number embedded in the MP3 tag of the track (which can be edited manually).
To change the order of tracks within a PlayList, just drag and drop the track to move it around in the PlayList.

Q: I can't rename the Artist (or Album or Genre) for a Track/several Tracks if I just want to change the Upper and/or Lowercase of the letters, for example "Pink floyd" to "Pink Floyd".
A: Due to a GUI limitation in the implementation of WACHandler, this is a bit tricky to fix in the application itself, at least  if the GUI shall remain clean. The following work around works though :
Imagine that all Tracks with artist = "Pink floyd" shall be renamed to "Pink Floyd";
  1. Select all the Tracks that has Artist = "Pink floyd"
  2. Right-click and select Edit
  3. Enter a new, temporrary Artist, for example "PinkFloyd" (notice that it doesn't have ane space between "Pink" and "Floyd"), or just "abcdef".
  4. Click Ok.
  5. The selected Tracks shall now have the new Artist assigned to them.
  6. Select the same Tracks, right-click and select Edit again.
  7. Enter the desired Artist name, "Pink Floyd" and click Ok.

Q: Nice program ! May I have the source code ?
A: No. Except for the GPL licensed third-party components I have used of course.

Q: Why is WACHandler trying to acces the Internet ?
A: WACHandler uses Internet for 2 purposes :
A: To identify CD discs inserted in the CD-reader(s) in your PC.
B: To look for new versions of WACHandler.
In both cases, no information about you and/or your configuration is transmitted.
When identifying CD's only a list of the length of the CD-tracks is transmitted to the CDDB web server.